Are you ready to take your wardrobe seriously? 

Have you ever felt like you were the worst dress man in the room? The feeling of being out of place the outcast of the group is probably a feeling you can recall. Now how do you think the best-dressed person felt? Empowered, Confident, Being able to work any room. being able to achieve the status of best dress can be an extremely hard task taking years to master.

The Aspiring Gent wardrobe review will help you jump start that prosses in one day! You'll be able to dress with confidence and purpose without the time spent studying men's style. The program will offer:


  •  3 hour person to person meeting at the clients closet 

  • I will provide a complete wardrobe rating ( my personally rank on the strength of your closet) 

  • Decluter worn, unstylish, poor clothing from your wardrobe 

  • Provide a set of measurements for Shirts, coats, trousers.

  • Create a catalogue of their clothing

  • A personalized style guide breaking down your skin tone, color pallet, 4 outfit ideas and add ons to your wardrobe

  • A list of tailoring needed on current clothing and 10% off alterations done by me.

With this one time service you will have everything you'll need to build a wardrobe that will last forever. Shopping will be easy and painless once you know you're color ...
Wardrobe Review
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