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The Colors of Spring/Summer 2020

What does it mean when Pantone comes out with the color pallets of the seasons? Simply it is a list of colors generated through professionals dedicated to color trend mapping, putting together the top colors they predict we will see.

By no means do we need to follow these swatches perfectly as you can see in the photo above its okay to go for the next best thing.

Now allow me to help break down and explain quickly how I'd wear each color.

Chive: This color would be a great light military jacket or a chino.

Faded Denim: Denim obviously, also in a polo shirt

Orange Peel: This is a great accent color, a sneaker design, pocket square or tie.

Mosaic Blue: Definitely feeling this as a breathable button up with a cool pattern

Sunlight: chinos and shorts.

Coral Pink: Already seeing it as hoodies and t-shirts and bold suits.

Cinnamon Stick: My personal favorite, great for light sweaters and accent colors to a pattern.

Grape Compote: Another fresh sweater option and even as a formal option like a sport coat.

Flame Scarlet: Outerwear and shoes would be my picks. I think a raincoat would look great in this color.

Saffron: Neat color for sneakers and bags

Classic Blue: 2020's color of the year. Great for button-ups, ties, or the base color to any piece of clothing

Biscay Green: Fun color for playful outfits, floral patterns, and swim trunks.

These are their neutral colors for the season and are pretty easy colors for any item. Very tried and true in the formal world its just what happens to be trending.

If you have any other questions about how to wear these colors or what colors work best for you, reach out to me here or any platform where you can find me.

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