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Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Next time you're out doing something take a look around and you'll see men dressed a little short of great, and being able to identify the small road blocks and changing them is a huge step to being prepared for everything.

Now let's dive into this photo example staring from the top. The graphic tee, no shade... a solid t-shirt is a good option. I personally love this shirt, but look at the fit and think of where you'd wear it. Probably a low key event with close family and friends people who already know you well.

As we move to the polo, we see an instant forward motion to a more refined looked. I don't know why shirts with buttons make people think it is more dressed up, so let us use that to our advantage. Polos are a good effortless way to spice up a look but not be in a full dress shirt.

When looking at pants what is better, jeans or khakis? Both are fantastic options, but the khakis are like a polo, it catches people by surprise because they are expect jeans. So zig when they are looking for a zag by choosing khakis. This denim alternative can be become formal or casual depending on other elements you wear. For example, with a polo you'll start to see formal tones in a subtle way.

Shoes, these options are the biggest contrast. Athletic shoes are meant for the gym or long walks. Kicking it with these canvas shoes really brings the tone of the outfit down and puts it on par with the jeans and t-shirt, and it is a way better option than Nike trainers.

Next time you go out, think of some little change you can make to up the anti on your outfit...

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