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How to Sew a Blazer Button on

If you have a blazer or wish to update your coat with new buttons know how to attach a blazer button is a great skill to learn and here is mt step by step method I use every-time I sew on blazer buttons

Let start with the tools

Thread: This should be thick button thread the matches the button color. If you double up all purpose thread that works too.

Needle: Sharps size 5 or 6

Bees wax: this helps but isn't necessary

Tacking the thread

I prefer a tacking method this looks the cleanest and holds very well. Take your needle & thread and push it though the top layer like your making a normal stitch then preform the

same stitch on itself creating a tack be sure the sew this tack on the fabric at the exact spot you want your button to go

Attaching the button

From here on out its pretty much the same steps. Looking at the blazer button you will notice it only have one hole underneath it, that is where the thread will go though. After the first tack is in place you are going to repeat that two more times the only difference is you will need to push the needle though that hole under the button fastening the button to the fabric.

Finishing up the project

Last step is making sure your button doesn't fall off that will be completed by knotting the thread. Once the button has been attached make a loop with the thread around the base of the button pull until the thread is making a half dollar size crucial around the button, push the needle though that loop from under the thread (repeat once more)

The push the needle though the fabric under the base of the button to finish securing it. Cut the extra thread off.

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