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How to Buy Black Dress Shoes

Starting out I wasn't so fond of the black dress shoe. It felt very limiting for what I wanted my wordobe to be. But it was that exact thinking that was actually limiting my style. Black is such a staple and can be incorporated in so many ways. Also I learned that when you wear black it you can't hide behide bold colors and pattern (yes you can hide while being bold). Your outfit is seen for other things like fit, quality and, construction. The art of dressing really shines though.

This picture above is the first pair of black DRESS shoes I bought. I say dress because I've had black sneakers and boots for a while but seldom worn them.

Why did I pick this pair?

First these where bought for my grandfathers funeral, I am still a believer that dark brown shoes are appropriate for such an event but brown still has nothing on black. And where dark brown leave off on the formality scale black picks up and run with it. So if you want to really dress to the highest level or formality black is a must, on the other side of that coin they can be dressed down and that's why I think this pair was the best choice for a first pair.

1) As you can see with the front its an oxford meaning the lace are inclosed in the shoe. This is the most formal style of shoe, so wearing them to high class event is a breeze.

2) Like I said before you can dress black shoes down contrary to popular belief, and I bridge that gap with selecting a shoe with a brogue to it. (the hole designs) this along with the brown bottoms with the white stitching brings the formalness down. All things that can also make it more casual without forfeiting the formal aspects.

Over all the main point is to buy something that can be used in many different ways because the black color doesn't fold you back its the style you select that will hinder you. So buy quality and something fun + formal and you'll be on your way.

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