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Dressing Like Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man

Tom Holland unlike his charter Peter Parker has loads of self confidence and it shows though his style.

I have taken a deep dive into Tom's style and these are my 5 take aways to help you dress like the man himself. I want to be very clear here, clothing will not magically create a characteristic you wish to have. It takes actual personal development but it can aid and help shift your mindset.

Tom owns everything he does such as cross dressing for a lip singing battle. He doesn't chicken out when most would. Building the level of bravado and not fronting is a great step in dressing better and more like Mr. Holland.

1. He loves to use color in a bold way. (no surprise) When you see Peter Parker in the movie he blends into the crowd but that's not Tom. He uses colors boldly that best helps highlight his skin tone. So, find out what tones work best for your skin type, this goes a long way trust me. Additionally, picking the boldest colors in that pallet helps you stand out and look your absolute best. If you have a hard time finding your color pallet, feel free to reach out and I'll help you find yours.

2. Other than his color choices, he likes to push his actual clothing. Instead of a dress shirt a t-shirt is interjected. A standard 6 on 2 double breasted suit isn't good enough he'll be wearing a 8 on 3. It's the little details that are the main focus and it lets people know you're one step ahead. Next time you go to buy another pair of white sneakers look for one that's a bit unique.

3. His theme is set. It has a very young vibe with an old soul. Very often you'll see him in Chuck Taylors, and t-shirts with his suits showing the modern look while actively choosing retro patterns for his clothing. I love this for younger people dressing like you just stepped out of a time machine. It also helps boost peoples perception of you considering you older and wiser because they can connect to a time in the past.

4. Though the theme may be set he rides both sides of the spectrum. When he's out and about on a normal day the style remains pretty casual that young retro look. But when he dresses up he doesn't shy away from going hard. He'll wear a lot of double breasted suits in very classic colors and everything is fit to perfection like he's casting for James Bond or Kingsmen. Don't hessite to try new things, yes have a style and stay true but the confidant dresser isn't afraid to fail with an outfit if he knows he's learning from it.

5. Last point and this is found with every iconic dresser. His clothing fit is crazy good from the tailoring to the proportions. The clothing he wears looks good on him and makes him look good. Like I said about that 8 on 6 double breasted suit was the perfect choice for him because he's not really tall and he is has a slim build. So that suit worked great in making him look taller and bigger in all the right places. Know your body and understand what you need to wear to either accentuate or tune down to help reach symmetry.

I really hope this article help you out and taught you something about style that you found valuable. If you noticed anything about Tom Holland's style that I missed I'd love to hear from you! And if you'd like to see another breakdown also reach out. Other than that thanks for reading and be well!

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